CTP Investors

CTP is an investment management firm focused on the cable TV, broadband and wireless sectors.  CTP looks to acquire businesses where, through active management and capital investment, it can substantially grow service offerings and business revenues over time.

CTP’s team is led by Bill Pearson, President and CEO, who brings 30 years of experience in cable TV, Internet and fixed and wireless telephone.  Bill is supported by Bob Hunt, Engineering Advisor, who has held a variety of senior level engineering roles in the cable television industry for over 20 years.  The CTP team is rounded out by the three principals of Council Tree Investors – George Laub, Steve Hillard and Jonathan Glass – who together have more than 50 years of experience investing in and building successful media and telecom businesses.  CTP’s principals have successfully invested over $500 million of capital in broadband, telecom and wireless companies, remaining actively engaged in the management of each investment.

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